Our Mission

Based in Los Angeles County, the Horizon Music Group is dedicated to serving the community, its musicians, and its students by offering outstanding live performances of the classical repertoire in an intimate and accessible setting; providing a musical voice for young emerging artists; and enriching students, teachers, and educational institutions’ curricula with a classical music resource.

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, the Horizon Music Group has three resident ensembles: the Horizon Chamber Orchestra, Horizon Chamber Choir and the Horizon Chamber Players, led by managing artistic director Christian Campos. Members of these flagship ensembles actively perform with the area’s finest groups, including the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Musica Angelica, and Pacific Symphony.

Horizon Chamber Choir (Complete Roster)

Michael Alfera (2), Ryan Alvarez (15), Suzanne Anderson (14), E. Jason Armstrong (2), Melvir Ausente (5), Tyler Azelton (2), Daniel Babcock (10), Michael Bannett (3), Andrew Bennett (11), Carol Binion (4), Stephen Black (4), Matthew Brown (15), Kerrie Caldwell (1), Callista Hoffman Campbell (4), David Castillo (1), Anthony Casado (2), Joy Chen (12), Gerald Craft (8), Carrie Dike (4), Sarah Drabant (9), Hayden Eberhart (15), Aurelien Eulert (16), Gabriel Fanelli (2), Megan Franklin (1), Hilary Fraser-Thomson (14), Arnold Livingston Geis (1), Dylan Gentile (3), Anastasia Glasheen (2), Christopher Gravis (4), Chris Haygood (2), Brandon Hynum (7), Jon Lee Keenan (5), Sharon Kunde (5), Allan Laino (5), Jen Lee (2), Sarah Lynch (3),Frances Mansfield (11), Brett McDermid (13),Susie McDermid (9),Matthew Miles (4), Tim Morton (15), Adam Noel (5), Joel Nesvadba (12), Jonathan Nesvadba (4), Joe Paguio (4), Eleni Pantages (18), Jae Park (15), Beth Wightwick Peregrine (8), Troy Quinn (2), Kory Reid (2), John Russell (8), Jason Sabino (2), Stephen Salts (12), Lauren Buckley Schaer (16), Anna Schubert (2), Laura Smith Roethe (5), Sara Staples (4), Ilana Summers (4), Kimberly Switzer (4), Ryan Tani (4), Gregorio Taniguchi (5), Matt Alan Thomas (4), Amelia Tobiason (13), Jay Tuttle (11), Meghen Miles Tuttle (16), Argenta Walther (4), Nate Widelitz (7), Audrey Wiechman (4), Elyse Marchant Willis (4), and Andrea Zomorodian (7)

Listed with number of performances with the ensemble